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Announcing Scott Smith as our New Head Coach!

The Denver Water Dogs Rugby Club is excited to announce Scott Smith as their new head coach!

Scott's experience in rugby is extensive. He picked up rugby at Lake Forest College in 2000. Immediately hooked, he spent the years after playing for multiple clubs in Chicago where he seemed to land one leadership position after another. He worked his way from being just a loud voice in the scrum, to bar manager, team captain, and eventually club president before moving to Denver in 2014.

There, Scott played for every iteration of mens team that took the field in Glendale, CO, also known as Rugbytown, USA. Those teams included both the Glendale Raptors and Merlins as they competed and won in the USA Rugby Division 1 Pacific Rugby Permiereship, and Texas’s Red River Conference. On those teams, he filled leadership roles from team captain to club president.

As the rugby landscape in Denver evolved, Scott was one of the founding members of the Denver Water Dogs and served as our first ever Club President. Since our founding, he has been an anchoring presence in all aspects of the Water Dogs organization.

Scott has a strong mind for rugby strategy and gamesmanship. You will seldom talk to a person with stronger opinions about law changes, strategic decisions, and selections in world rugby than Scott. He shares his passion living in Denver with his wife Kara, young son Henry, cat, and dog Huxley, who happens to be terrified of water.

With his immense capacity for leadership and deep understanding of rugby’s nuances, Scott is the perfect fit to lead the Water Dogs into the future. We look forward to seeing the team's success under his guidance and direction.

Join us in welcoming Scott Smith as the new head coach of the Denver Water Dogs Rugby Club!

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