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More hardware for the Dawgs? Tight5 7s says yes!

Summer rugby is often left to the fast and evasive. Summer is 7s season, which often leaves the true workhorses of any team in the bar waiting for the hotter months to pass them by. However, the Dawgs very own Jacob Nelson looks to challenge that stereotype. In our back yard, Infinity Park, he sought to show everyone that the big boys shouldn't be forgotten about in one of rugby's more unique events, Tight5 7s! On July 23rd, four teams from across the world - well actually three from Colorado and one from New York - gathered on the infamously hot Infinity Park turf to celebrate rugby and the community that so many people are drawn to, while simultaneously giving players an opportunity to occupy a spotlight that may rarely shine on them. Tight5 7s operates on a system where each player is assigned a point value for their team. If you are under 225 pounds at the weigh-in you are worth negative points. The older and larger you are the more valuable you are. To really celebrate the big boys, Scrums have 5 people so every short arm infraction is a 1v1 opportunity for the man outside. With plenty of large old men at hand, your Denver WaterDogs had over 300 points before kick-off. It was a day full of laughs and community, with some flashes of beautiful rugby thrown in throughout. The Dawgs remained uncatchable with their decisive handicap and collected some more hardware to continue this summer's trend. If you missed Tight5 7s this year, keep an eye out as the calendar rolls around as this is a tournament that should be enjoyed by more and more people every year. Huge thanks are in order to Jake and the rest of the Nelson Tight 5 for a fantastic day that continuously proved that rugby is for anyone daring enough to put on the boots.

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