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New Water Dogs Kit is IN!

Denver's most complete rugby team is now the best looking too!

Taking a drastic departure from the old uniforms, the new Kit embraces clean lines and a modern aesthetic to embody the Dogs new take on what it means to be a rugby club in 2022.

With these new new uniforms we make a bolder show of our purple and gold colors. From our earliest days, we took to the purple and gold as a way to stand out in a rugby competition dominated by reds, blues, and whites. But why purple? Maybe it was the first meeting around the fire where we watched the sky light up in the deep purple of one of our famous Colorado sunsets. Maybe it was anyone of the countless sunsets we've watched running around the pitch during Thursday night trainings. Maybe it was the fact that we're all constantly bruised in some shade between purple and black from a good weekend effort. Or maybe, just maybe the guys just like the color purple.

Either way, we are proud to wear a new uniform in the purple and gold. We couldn't have done it without help from our Sponsors at 1-800-GOT-JUNK and You Move Me. We are and always will be grateful for their support.

The new kit made it's on-field debut June 11, 2022 against Vail to resounding success in a big mountain league win.

Check out the reveal with some of the team below.

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